BATRANK is a lead provider of car auction data. We identity and surface interesting car listings for buyers, sellers, and car enthusiasts in general. We also provide insights to help our users discover hidden gems and make research-based decisions on whether to buy or sell.
The idea for BATRANK came after spending countless hours browsing listings on Bring a Trailer and Cars and Bids, sharing them with our friends, and having endless conversations about unique and interesting cars.
We excitedly debated auction trends, argued about whether a listing was a good deal, and dared each other to bid on a dream car or some bizarre thing on wheels. At the core of it all was something just as important as the cars, community.
Our vision is to increase the size and influence of the car enthusiast community and car culture at large. Quite grand, we admit, but we believe the best way to do so is by supercharging organic discovery and data analysis of interesting cars. At least, that is the first step.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does BATRANK get its data?
BATRANK has complete data on over 100,000 auctions from top car auction sites over the last several years, starting with Bring a Trailer. You can browse the most popular live listings or discovery interesting completed listings from years ago.
How accurate is your data?
Our data is updated daily to ensure that we have the latest data for for both live and completed auctions.
How do I contact you?
You can reach us at [email protected].
I'm hungry for more data, how do I get more?
For more advanced data and insights, please contact us with your inquiry at [email protected].
Can I buy or sell cars on your platform?
We are not an auction site or dealer. We recommend listing your car on Bring a Trailer, and you might find it at the top of our home page.
Who made BATRANK?
You can learn more about the team behind BATRANK here.
How do you calculate appreciating/depreciating model?
We use a proprietary algorithm that evaluates whether a model is experiencing statistically-significant appreciation or beyond-average depreciation on a YoY basis.
How do you calculate good value?
Good Value
We assess the sales prices of listings with the same make and model in the recent past to determine whether a listing was sold, at the time, at a good value. We also account for the mileage-based depreciation of the current listing and the past listings it's being compared with.
What qualifies as a sale for the Top Sellers rankings?
Only listings that end in a successful sale to a bidder. Reserve not met listings do not qualify.